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IPAD-OS Support

Professional Support for your IPAD-OS Products.

IPAD-OS Pay-per-call Technical Support

We are here to help you. Do you need help, right now? We are only a phone call away.

Voice telephone support is available from 8am to 8pm Eastern Time (5am to 5pm Pacific Time) Monday through Friday. See price and contact number below.

Our support staff are all native English speakers located in the USA!

Things you must know up front.

Emergency after hours and weekend telephone support may also be available with a two (2) hour call-back window which includes a $50 additional fee per event. This extra surcharge allows us to provide you with the most knowledgeable and experienced support staff when you need help most.

Pay-per-call Technical Support
(IPAD-OS Serial Number Required!)
$200 per event
Payment must be received through PayPal or prepaid check.
Billing options are available for emergencies.
Available 8am to 8pm Eastern Time Monday-Friday.
After hours or weekend rates at additional $50 per event.
IPAD-OS Model Number
IPAD-OS Serial Number
(Help me find my serial number)
Accepted Payment Methods

Special offer: the fees for Pay-per-call support may be applied to your purchase of an annual support policy if you purchase a policy within the ten (10) days following your first support call. This offers a significant benefit for you.

How to find your IPAD-OS serial number.

There are several ways to locate your IPAD-OS serial number. Only the last five digits are needed for IPAD-OS identification.

  1. The easiest is to look at the serial number label attached to the back of your IPAD unit. If the hardware has changed, it is a good idea to use one of the following methods to locate your serial number and attach a new serial number sticker to the back of your IPAD.
  2. The serial number displays when you log into the IPAD-OS web manager and click on the product logo in the upper left hand corner. In IPAD-OS versions 3.0 and later, this also shows version numbers for support systems like the web manager interface itself.
  3. You can also type "STAT SN" on the local IPAD-OS console or at a supervisor telnet prompt.

Your IPAD-OS serial number is very important. It is required for all software updates and upgrades to verify eligibility and access rights. Please keep this number someplace easy to find in an emergency. Our technical support staff requires this number before providing support.

Please include your IPAD-OS serial number in all communications with our technical support staff. This allows better trouble ticket tracking and faster service to technical support policy holders.