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IPAD Update

Version 3.01 Changes

These are the changes from IPAD version 3.0 to IPAD version 3.01.

  • Fix small memory leak in LISTSERV command processing. This will make the list server management automation much more robust.
  • Fix X-List headers to be List- headers (defaults). At the time the IPAD list server was created in 1996, there was no standard for how to communicate the list management functions like "unsubscribe" and "help" so the most common method of "X-unsubscribe" style was used.
  • Fix relay permit test that missed lists. The "types" field (bitmap) inside the IPAD was an Integer, but there were more than 16 types. It should have been Long. Lists did not pass relay permits as a result.
  • DNS cache are now "flushed" of expired records hourly instead of daily. This should help cut down significantly on any DNS cache problems where old information gets "stuck" longer than it should be.
  • IOA installer now works under operating systems which support long file names like MS-DOS 7 (Win9x) or ROM-DOS.

These changes are published here for your personal information only. The IPAD Owners Association always recommends that our members only use the most current version of the IPAD-OS possible. It is our view that publishing a list of bugs is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good because it helps you make a more informed choice about the urgency of your IPAD upgrades and updates. It is bad because it may provide potentially dangerous information to those who would like to attack older IPAD-OS versions.