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IPAD Products

From the office LAN to a full ISP, we have a model to suit your needs.

Built with IPAD-OS

IPAD Model 5000IPAD Model 5000

Our most customizable, most expandable and most powerful IPAD model based on the revolutionary IPAD-OS platform.

If you need to connect multiple Local Area Networks (LAN) or even Wide Area Networks (WAN) together or to the Internet, this is the IPAD for you.

IPAD Model 2500
IPAD Model 2500

Our single most popular IPAD model based on the revolutionary IPAD-OS platform.

The IPAD 2500 is designed for small to medium sized businesses and powers any combination of up to 1000 user workstations and servers on a single network.

IPAD Model 1200
IPAD Model 1200

Note: This model is no longer available for new sales.

A secure instant, plug-and-play LAN-to-Internet connection device that provides essential core Internet services through a single public IP address. Designed for home and entry level business needs.

IPAD Warranty

It's a workhorse. If people want reliability and ease of use, I don't know of a better option for them.

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