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IPAD Model Comparison


There are two current models of the IPAD available; the IPAD 2500 and the IPAD 5000. The chart below lists a few of the main differences between these models.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list because our goal is to find how we can best meet your needs.

Comparing the target customer.

  • The IPAD 2500 is designed for every company that needs a solution with the absolute minimum cost of operation. The IPAD model 2500 incorporates a special hardware detection plug and play logic that makes setup and installation nearly instant. There are virtually no server or connectivity maintenance requirements which means no need to pay employees or outsiders to keep your servers running and your company connected to the Internet.
  • The IPAD 5000 is designed for the most demanding service applications as required by Internet Service Providers (ISP) and corporations that rely on the Internet for a major portion of their business. It is designed to run efficiently on modest hardware that may be custom configured to meet the exact need of each application. This allows the technical owner/operator to update and add new hardware as needed without (see note 4 below) additional software costs.

Comparing the features.

Features IPAD 2500 IPAD 5000
Hardware Interfaces 3 total.
• The LAN interface must be Ethernet or Token Ring
• The WAN interface must be a choice of the following; Ethernet, analog modem, ISDN modem, v.35 synchronous serial
• Optional expansion interface must be DMZ Ethernet or a multiport serial card (See note 1 below.)
5 total.
• Any combination of up to five Ethernet, Token Ring, V.35 synchronous serial interfaces
• Plus + up to 96 multiport RS232 ports (intelligent or dumb). (See note 2 below.)
Hardware Installation Automatic hardware detection and driver installation for all supported interface hardware. Web management interface automatically changes to match installed hardware. All hardware must be manually installed. Matching device drivers must be manually installed. Kernel configuration must be done through the web management interface or through manual control file editing.
Firewall • True IP Address Expansion firewall with ability to support up to 1000 different public servers behind the firewall with Passthru technology. • True IP Address Expansion firewall with ability to support up to 1000 different public servers behind the firewall with Passthru technology.
• Load balance multiple servers sharing the same public IP address.
• Fail-over multiple servers sharing the same public IP address.
Dial-up Up to a maximum of 8 dial-up connections through the use of an optional multiport serial card. (See note 3 below.) Up to a maximum of 96 dial-up connections through the use of optional multiport serial cards. (See note 4 below.)
Telnet Inbound telnet to router and supervisor command prompts only. Outbound telnet from local console only. Supports full inbound and outbound terminal service connection between telnet and any available serial interface up to the maximum 96 interfaces or up to 32 TIPX lines. (See note 5 below.)
RADIUS Does not support RADIUS. Supports both RADIUS logging and RADIUS accounting for an unlimited number of accounts.
TIPX Does not support TIPX. Support for up to 32 TIPX lines. (See note 5 below.)
Configuration 100% controlled through an easy web management interface. May be configured through a combination of manual control file editing and web management interface.


  1. Some new IPAD model 2500 units do not support more than two hardware interfaces and may be limited to just two Ethernet interfaces. Actual hardware brand and model choices are limited for maximum compatibility with the model 2500 plug and play system. All supported device drivers are supplied pre-installed from the factory.
  2. Any networking hardware with a compatible device driver may be used in the model 5000. Installation of all hardware device drivers on the IPAD model 5000 is a manual process for maximum flexibility.
  3. The model 2500 optional serial expansion card may not be available in some hardware configurations. A minimum of one RS-232 serial interface is always available for dial-up use.
  4. The default model 5000 (version 9.0) supports up to 96 RS-232 serial interfaces. The RS-232 ports may be any combination of intelligent or dumb serial hardware.
  5. TIPX is limited to a maximum of 32 ports regardless of the line count license. The actual maximum number of available TIPX lines may be different depending on the line count license minus the number of RS-232 interfaces installed. TIPX is a public domain serial communications over Ethernet protocol available on the IPAD 5000.