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IPAD-OS Technical Guide

What every IPAD-OS owner wants to know.

  • Have you ever wondered how to use the specialized mail processing commands like Multidrop and Mirrored mail?
  • Did you know that the IPAD-OS supports UUCP and even newsgroup routing?
  • Would you like to be able to write batch files that work seamlessly with the IPAD's web manager to perform routine maintenance on your system?
  • How do you create a custom DNSBL black list or URIBL white list?

All this and more is answered in the IPAD-OS Technical Guide.

The first complete IPAD-OS technical documentation is here!

The IPAD-OS Technical Guide is the first work of its kind for the IPAD-OS owner and operator. This is because it includes everything about how to configure and control the IPAD-OS in much more detail than any previous documentation.

This is the direct nuts-and-bolts information for those that don't want to use graphical web interfaces. It has the details about every option, every command, every control file, and every command line interface. Clear syntax and examples are given to help make it easier to apply this information to your own IPAD right now.

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If you are serious about knowing your IPAD-OS and want the most authoritative and complete technical documentation available, order your copy of the IPAD-OS Technical Guide today.