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IPAD-OS Upgrade

IPAD 7.5 New Feature List

The IPAD-OS 7.5 version has many enhancements including noticeable improvements in function, compatibility, speed and reliability.

Some of these major advancements give you more power to fight spam and virus email attacks while at the same time making the IPAD services more available for your legitimate users and paying customers with less maintenance time from you.

The following is a short list of the changes between the IPAD 7.01 version and the IPAD 7.5 version. A more complete list including all of the details is included in your IPAD 7.5 documentation.

New 7.5 Features | IPAD 7.5 Bug Fixes


A lot of the work in the IPAD-OS 7.5 release went into enhanced core performance, reliability and stability. But there are some really powerful new features too!

  • IPAD-OS 7.5 adds very powerful email maintenance tools by allowing you to automatically delete old POP3 mail. This can be customized for each individual POP3 account and can have different age limits for retrieved and unretrieved mail.
  • The outbound mail server IP address can now be set to any IP address you own. It no longer needs to be the primary IP address of the IPAD which is often shared with the firewall. This allows complete separation between email server traffic and user traffic.
  • The SMTP and POP3 servers get brand new anti-abuse logic that limits potentially abusive activity from all mail connections that do not appear legitimate either by authenticating or passing the local anti-spam rules. This ensures more of your mail server resources are available for customers and legitimate mail sources.
  • The SMTP server has been tuned to move email more quickly and fairly even under the most extreme work loads. This performance improvement is based on real world tests. This improves performance for very large messages, messages going to very slow servers and adds special logic for email servers that drop connections in the middle of a session.
  • New SMTP Decoy Server! Now you can send spammers on a wild goose chase! This simple server is amazingly effective at luring unwanted SMTP connections away from your real mail server. We tested this on real world Internet Service Provider mail servers and it has proven to be one of the more powerful tools to fight spam with absolutely no cost to you.
  • Improved router performance and better load handling. The IPAD-OS 7.5 router logic has been greatly improved to handle many times more connections at the same time with minimum performance degradation. This means lower power hardware can be used to handle much higher volumes of traffic. This change also improves the IPAD-OS resistance to many denial of service attacks.
  • Web Manager accidental button click protection. This adds unobtrusive and configurable protection to buttons most commonly clicked by mistake.
  • And there is more...


This IPAD-OS 7.5 release has some significant changes, optimizations and improvements to the kernel and servers. We are continually working to find and fix any bugs, and with your help can make each IPAD-OS version better.

  • The IPAD-OS now reports the FTP APPE command correctly. This fixes all issues with FTP clients that appeared to upload the same file twice resulting in a zero byte file on the server.
  • Fixed several small memory leaks that could happen under very specific and often rare DNS activities. Over time these leaks could starve the IPAD-OS kernel for memory and cause progressively slower performance.
  • The IPAD-OS Web Manager now allows Weblite forms to be deleted without showing a blank result page.
  • The IPAD-OS Web Manager now includes explicit header fields to communicate XSS (cross-site scripting) policy to Internet Explorer 8 and to evoke the Chrome rendering engine for better user interface display if Chrome is available.
  • All script timeout issues have been tracked to a mismatch between the domain name typed into the web browser address bar (or the address passed to the web browser from a command line or link) and the name assigned to the IPAD-OS on the HOST line of the IPAD.CTL file. Making the URL names match in your web browser fixes the problem.
  • There were also a number of smaller bugs found and fixed along the way that are not really worth mentioning here. It is important to point out that virtually all of these smaller bugs were reported by an IPAD owner like you. Even if you didn't realize it at the time, your report made this IPAD-OS better.

This is a partial list of the additions and changes found in the IPAD-OS 7.5 release compared to the previous 7.01 release. A more complete list is included with your upgrade package.