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IPAD 2.0 Features

IPAD Version 2.0 is a major upgrade with the following major features:

  • An integral Windows compatible CIFS (Common Internet File System) file server. This allows the IPAD's local disk dive(s) to be mounted in any Windows Workstation Network Neighborhood so access to the IPAD local drive is seamless. This server has IP address PERMIT restrictions in addition to a flexible user and password authorization so you can maintain full security and share level separation. This option allows the removal of performance robbing peer-to-peer LAN servers from the IPAD.
  • True IP address expansion with Transparent stateful inspection firewall allows use of a single IP address to feed a private Class C network. This allows full protection from outside intrusion, but provides seamless outbound use of the Internet with no special configuration or loss of speed (as with application level proxies).
  • Server pass-thru allows servers to live behind the firewall and still be accessed from the Internet. With Windows/NT and UNIX servers, you can prevent all access to the machines except for the server itself with a single IPAD.CTL command.
  • Automatic DHCP server to manage the private network addresses allows rapid, hassle-free workstation setup.
  • Web Browser Configuration Manager allows configuring the IPAD from any workstation, and making all changes effective while the IPAD is running! A Save option re-writes changes to the IPAD.CTL file to make them permanent. Now you can add servers, delete servers, update all configuration without taking the IPAD down or waiting to reboot! Plus, you can do the configuration with a Web Browser!
  • WWW server FORMS enhancement to allow email of response message, email of results, and Template formatting of the results of an input form.
  • Email server enhanced with pass-thru responders (so you can save or re-mail the message that triggered a RESP) and also a COPY option to generate a copy of selected messages as they pass through the SMTP server.
  • Mailing list manager to allow you to create and manage group mailing lists. Allows custom configuration, help responses for invalid subscribe, unsubscribe attempts, group list managers, etc.
  • "whois" command at all supervisor manager prompts.
  • Integral T1 modem bank configuration and management utility.
  • ETRN implemented in SMTP server for dial-up SMTP users that use Microsoft Exchange to pick up pending mail.
  • Traceroute enhanced to add path width detection to detect links that have MTU settings lower than the 1500 required by Windows/NT for proper operation.

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This a significant upgrade which opens the IPAD to many more applications. If you are not covered by a support or maintenance policy you may order the IPAD 2.0 upgrade NOW for immediate shipment.