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IPAD Upgrade

Version 3.0 Charter

Please note that this section is only for IOA Charter members. If you are not a Charter member, please select the correct membership level for your upgrade.

There are several different IPAD models available for upgrading. It is important that you know the model you wish to upgrade along with the serial number(s) before filling out this form. For more information about the pricing structure, please see the upgrade proposal.

Important Billing Information

All of the following forms will be accepted as orders unless the "Bill Me" option is selected. The best method of payment is a check in US Dollars. Other forms of payment may be accepted, but they often take an additional fee or percentage of the sale for processing fees. Since we all desire to reduce the IOA debt, it is best to send a check. See our contact page for the mailing address of our treasurer.

Note: All of the following forms include the annual membership renewal fee of $100.00.

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