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Version 4.04

New Features

There are many new features in IPAD-OS 4.0. A large number of the improvements enhance reliability and performance even under very heavy load. This is something not possible to clearly list on a simple feature list.


There are three models of the IPAD-OS available for upgrade to version 4.0. Please know your model before ordering. The IPAD model number is visible on the top line of the local IPAD console when a VGA monitor is connected to the IPAD unit itself. It is very important to select the matching model. Applying an incorrect model upgrade will cause corruption or loss of data on your IPAD.

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Note the IPAD model 1200 is not available for new sales, but is still supported for version 4.0 upgrades to existing units. All other IPAD models are available for new sales and support.

All prices are in USA Dollars.