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IPAD Upgrade

IOA-IPAD Version 4.0

Thursday November 6, 2003
To all IOA Members:

Reality check time.

For those of you who listened to (and actually read) our message that you keep the email message that contained the links to your Version 3.00 upgrade, you are now being rewarded. To get the 4.01 upgrade that you pre-paid for under the Wilson plan, all you have to do is click on the link in the original email you received and you will be able to choose your favorite method of distribution to get your copy of IPAD 4.0 Now.

For those of you didn't keep that email, you will get a second chance :-) , but it is going to be a few days. This will give the code builder a chance to catch up with all the incoming requests, as well as give me a chance to look up the links for your personal code. The link you received uniquely identifies you and your IPAD so we can get the correct IPAD model, line count and serial number to you.

Michael Shartiag
Secretary and Treasurer

If you did not pre-pay for IPAD 4.0, please see our upgrade page for Standard Upgrade prices.