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Version 5.5


New Features

There are many new features in IPAD-OS 5.5. A large number of the improvements enhance reliability and performance even under very heavy load. This is something not possible to clearly list on a simple feature list. All 5000 models have now been merged. There are no line count versions. All units, starting with Version 5.0 will have the full functionality of the 96 line version. This will internally tune your IPAD to handle a maximum level of traffic.

Upgrade or Software Protection Policy?

There are two models of the IPAD-OS available for upgrade to version 5.5. Please select your model from the list below. The IPAD model number is visible on the top line of the local IPAD console when a VGA monitor is connected to the IPAD unit itself. It is very important to select the matching model. Applying an incorrect model upgrade will cause corruption or loss of data on your IPAD.

The Software Protection Policy.

We know that some of our corporate and government IPAD owners need to set annual budgets to help predict and control costs and other members need the best deal for keeping their IPAD operating system current. We are now ready to begin proving the software maintenance contract that IPAD owners relied on in the past.

This is why we have created the Software Protection Policy that is now available for the IPAD model 2500 and the IPAD model 5000.

A Software Protection Policy authorizes your IPAD to freely receive every update and upgrade released while your policy is active. This gives you many benefits over buying individual upgrades. Please get all of the details on the Software Protection Policy program page.

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Note the IPAD model 1200 is no longer supported for upgrades. Please contact the IOA or your local IPAD value added reseller for information on a model upgrade.

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