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Company Culture

The culture of the IPAD Owners Association, Inc. (IOA) is firmly based in our founder, Phil Becker. The fun and relaxed feeling started when Mr. Becker retired from the aerospace industry and decided to take it easy with his own company. At the heart of our corporate culture is the spirit of having fun with technology with our strong visionary creative freedom. The overall level of technical and creative talent we have been able to attract is above average for the industry. This helps to both amplify the creative interaction and soften the environment to make it more comfortable.

Phil's background in the corporate world shows most with the IOA's very conservative and formal corporate face to our customers. But his retired status shows with the comfortable attire and work environment of our offices. It is not uncommon for even the senior staff to be seen wearing jeans around the office.

The corporate encouragement of physical activity is part of the culture. Employee showers are provided free of charge to those who wish to jog or bicycle to the office or those who participate in the many competitive activities during the day.