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IPAD Updates

In February 2000 the IPAD Owners Association, Inc. (IOA) licensed the IPAD-OS source code from eSoft, Inc. to fix bugs, enhance compatibility and add amazing new features. These new versions of the IPAD are only available here, through the IOA.

Latest Version
The most current version of IPAD-OS can be applied to any existing IPAD version without need for multiple version upgrades. If you want the latest features, highest reliability and fastest performance, this is the place to go.

Version Check

If you plug a monitor into your IPAD, in the upper left hand corner of the display will be a version number. Please make a note of this version.

Funded Upgrades

When you know the IPAD-OS version you are using, use our version list for information on the steps needed to upgrade your IPAD-OS.