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Event Schedule

IPADCONCheck-in starts at Noon on Thursday October 30, 2003. Be sure to get your IPADCON welcome kit as you check in. Dinner is included so you don't have to go hungry. If you need transportation from the airport, be sure you call the hotel at least 24 hours in advance to schedule your pickup.

Laptop Computers: If you have one or can borrow one, bring it. Several of the demonstrations will have interactive parts which won't be as interactive if you don't have a computer handy. We will also have several reference items you can download including demos, utilities, PowerPoint presentations, and access to the Internet for picking up your email. We do request limiting your email replies to the times between the sessions to give the speakers your full attention and respect.

We will have both wired Ethernet and wireless 802.11b connections available in the meeting rooms. If you need an Ethernet wire connection, please bring your own CAT5 Ethernet cable of at least 25 feet in length. Ethernet wire may not be available to all seating positions. We will be creating a wireless cloud in and around our conference room so you should be able to get full time access to the Internet if you have a wireless card. We may have several loaner wireless cards available for those who don't have one. If you have a spare wireless network card with driver disk that you can loan to a fellow IOA member for the conference, please bring it.


Thursday October 30, 2003
8:00 PM Welcome Reception

This is a relaxed time to meet old friends and make some new ones. The first round (or two) of drinks are provided courtesy of the IPAD Owners Association.

Friday October 31, 2003
8:00 - 9:00 AM Welcome to IPADCON: Opening Session
IOA Board of Directors:
  • Lynn Taylor, President
  • Chuck Goes, Vice-president
  • Michael Shartiag, Treasurer
  • Phil Becker, IPAD-OS Creator and Team Mentor

Orientation and IOA Year In Review.

Do you wonder what the IOA has been up to? What has changed since last IPADCON? This includes a quick overview of the new IPAD-OS 4.0 release. You will be surprised at how much is different and how well we are positioned for the future. The last part of this session will be to discuss the survival of IOA itself and what is needed to continue developing the IPAD-OS.

9:15 - 10:30 Symantec Security and Protection
Robert Nash, Senior Channel Account Manager
Chris Candaffio, Symantec Systems Engineer

How to secure your network using defense in depth. Security is more than just an antivirus program on your client computer and a firewall at the edge of your network. Various threats and protection methods will be discussed and examples will be given of Symantec products and services that can help maintain a safe computing environment. Ideas will be presented on how to detect intrusions, prevent attacks, respond to them, monitor your environment, and manage your security. Time will be provided for questions of both a sales and technical nature.

10:30 - 10:45 Break
10:45 - Noon IPAD-OS Firewall 101
Casey Sprangel

This session starts at the very beginning with What is a firewall? and builds a foundation for understanding this potentially complex area of technology. The IPAD-OS includes True IP Address Expansion technology, but what exactly is that? How does the IPAD-OS's firewall technology compare to other firewalls? All these answers and more will be covered. Specific attention will be made to show how to enable the firewall in the IPAD-OS to protect your servers.

Routing 101

Everything you know, think you know; thought you knew, and things you never knew about how traffic moves around the Internet. Includes a live demonstration with packets you can take home with you. This session is designed for you to take home to train your employees and customers.

Noon - 1:15 PM Lunch
1:15 - 2:30 Practical Domain Name System (DNS)
Casey Sprangel, Lynn Taylor

After almost 20 years, the percentage of people with DNS issues is a surprising constant. This session provides a solid understanding of the structure used by the domain name system and quite a few practical suggestions you can start using today. This session includes how to walk the DNS Tree with plenty of examples. If you have not played the DNS Game with Lynn Taylor, this session is a must see event.

How to Use the IOA Domain Name Registration System
Michael Shartiag

The IOA domain name registration system explained with a live demonstration of the web interface. How to use it more effectively and common pitfalls to avoid. Includes details on how to use the domain lock feature, how to make sure all domains have correct contact information and how to combine multiple domains into one management account.

2:40 - 4:00 IPAD-OS Email
Casey Sprangel, Lynn Taylor

Practical application email, a complete MAILAUTH.CTL command walkthrough, Mailing List configuration, new IPAD-OS 4.0 features, best email practices. How do you help block spam and virus propagation with your IPAD-OS? How did you get on a black list and how do you get off of one?

4:00 - 4:!5 Break
4:15 - 5:30 IPAD-OS SPAM Control
Michael Shartiag, Lynn Taylor

As the IOA expands the tools you have to fight the ever changing spammer, we take a look at the new features that have been added and how to best use them. Includes practical examples of what works in a real ISP setting.

5:30 - 7:00 Dinner
7:00 - 8:00 IOA Board of Directors and IOA Development Team annual meeting.

This meeting is limited to just the IOA leadership and development team.
IOA members are free for the evening.

Saturday November 1, 2003
8:00 - 9:05 AM Introducing the IOA-IPAD 2500
Lynn Taylor, Casey Sprangel

What's the big deal about the model 2500? How is it different from the 5000? Who needs it? What can it do? The next generation IOA appliance you can easily sell and maintain. Presentation includes the newly developed IOA rescue kit and upgrade path for IPAD model 1200 owners.

9:15 - 10:30 IOA-IPAD Sales 101
Tony Stirk, Rob Marlow

How do you sell an IPAD-OS product? What is the IPAD-OS in customer terms? Who needs an IPAD-OS product? Who is the competition? (You tell us.) This session targets selling the new IOA-IPAD model 2500 to your existing and new customers and explains the current target market. You can make a significant boost to your existing income with the IPAD-OS. This session will help you get started without leaving your day job.

10:30 - 10:45 Break
10:45 - Noon Digital Identity: Identity is center.
Phil Becker, Sr. Editor, Digital ID World Magazine

What risks are involved in being connected to the Internet? What kind of threat do we face every day with our Digital Identity? This session covers what it is, why it is important, and where it is needed. Hear the current state of things directly from Phil Becker. This will probably be his first postpartum speech since the end of the Digital ID World conference two weeks ago.

Noon - 1:15 PM Lunch
1:15 - 2:30 IOA Resellers Marketing and Promotion Planning meeting
Round Table Discussion
Moderators: IOA Development Team

Anyone who was, is, or plans on being an IPAD-OS value added reseller should attend this meeting. It will be a roundtable with the major objective being to let the IOA leadership hear what you need to sell an IPAD. Topics will include a review of sales tools like the www.OneBoxSolution.com web site. Please bring examples of promotional materials you use to successfully sell the IPAD or other products.

2:40 - 4:00 Wireless Internet
Michael Shartiag, Rob Marlow

WiFi for the ISP in plain English. We have seen, even among ourselves, that wireless Internet can be a great thing for an ISP. Does new technology help make it work both in rural areas and in more dense metropolitan areas? IOA is fortunate enough to have several licensed radio-heads within its ranks. This session includes examples and real world applications.

4:00 - 4:15 Break
4:15 - 5:30 IPAD-OS Future Directions
Moderated by Phil Becker - IPAD-OS Creator and IPAD User

This is a product management session allowing attendees to help influence the direction the IPAD-OS will take in the near future. Part of the session will be to identify the immediate needs facing IPAD-OS owners and operators. This is an interactive session allowing attendee participation both to express needs for new features and needs for changes to existing features.

5:30 - 7:00 Dinner
7:00 - 9:00 Installing Multiple Network Interface Cards
Mike Shartiag

What does it take to install more than one Ethernet card into your IPAD 5000. This is a complete practical hands on session which will actually build an IPAD 5000 with as many Ethernet cards as the box will hold. You are welcome to get as involved as you need to find out how to do this on your own. Documentation from this session will be made available on the IOA web site when it is completed.

Sunday November 2, 2003
8:00 - 9:30 AM MRTG and IPAD-OS 4.0
Lynn Taylor, Michael Shartiag

MRTG: How to install or upgrade this freeware Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) manager to know for sure what is happening inside your network. This session includes how to use MRTG with your IPAD-OS and other networked devices to measure and track performance and loading. There are some very helpful additions to IPAD-OS 4.0 to allow a much more detailed perspective of your IPAD-OS than ever possible before. This even includes the ability to graph the effectiveness of your spam fighting efforts. Now you can know what your entire network is doing over time even while you are away. Bring your laptop and download the files in this session.

9:45 - 10:30 Creating a 3rd Party Utility Market - External Code Development
Round Table Discussion
Moderators: Casey Sprangel, Lynn Taylor

How you can help improve the IPAD-OS and make money too! This meeting will be for anyone who is a software developer or is willing to learn. Specific low level protocol tools and source code will be made available to get you started.

The goal of this meeting is to explore how many of the feature requests members have been asking for can be accomplished outside of the IPAD-OS operating system and also provide a way to support custom application developers. We want to keep the IPAD-OS code clean, lean and fast as possible. You can help and build up a nice side business at the same time.

This meeting will help define the level of API needed for you to access and control the IPAD-OS from external sources. Specific examples will be demonstrated, most including full source code you can use for your own tools.

10:30 - 10:45 Break
10:45 - Noon Plotting the Future of IOA
Round Table Discussion
Moderated by President Lynn Taylor

This will be a combination of the engineering meeting, the code-SIG meeting, and the general IOA membership meeting, all rolled into one. We will be looking at where we are today, where we want to be by this time next year, and what are the burning issues facing IPAD-OS owners today. What we discuss here may very well be what you see rolling out the door, down the road as the next IPAD-OS version.

Noon Lunch, check-out.

The audio archive and matching presentation material is available in the members only area. This area requires IOA membership to access.