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Who should attend IPADCON?

Anyone who owns an IPAD, operates an IPAD-OS based product, or is interested in IPAD should attend. IPAD experts from around the world will be attending along with selected venders with products or services of interest to IPAD owners and operators.

Do you have to be an ISP to attend?

Absolutely not. While most of the IPAD owners happen to be ISPs, there are many corporate and end-user IPAD owners and operators who found the past IPADCON events to be very informative and educational. This conference is geared to benefit IPAD owners of all experience levels, not just Internet Service Providers.

Isn't $550 expensive for a 3-day conference?

Not when you consider that you get 3 night's accommodations (arrive Thursday evening, depart Sunday morning), all of your meals (dinner Thursday through breakfast Sunday), and all conference sessions and materials. Plus if you register early before July 15, it's only $485!

Why did the dates AND location change?

Originally, we had planned the conference in San Diego, California and had a scheduling problem with the release of IPAD version 3.0. We then made an attempt to book space in Canada because of the very favorable exchange rate currently available when traveling from the USA. The real reason came down to OKC is significantly less expensive than our other choices. Most other hotels know how much to charge for stuff, but everything is a-la-carte.

The price we have is inclusive -- and I just couldn't find a way to pull that off in San Diego.

Since we're on the subject, Phil Wilder put in a lot of time trying to find a great deal in San Diego, and Brian Simpson did a superb job working with the folks in Calgary (the exchange rate works strongly in our favor if we had gone to Canada). The folks in OKC were very competitive, and all of the things that were problems elsewhere weren't even discussion points. And we're still getting a top notch facility!

Do I get a refund if the conference is canceled?

Yes. If the conference is canceled by the IOA for any reason, you'll receive a complete refund of your registration fees.

Do I get a refund if I cancel?

Generally, you'll receive a refund (less a cancellation fee) if you cancel your registration at least 60 days before the event. After that date, refunds cannot be issued. However, you may make substitutions up until the week before the event.

Do you take credit cards?

IOA is currently using PayPal (Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!) for collecting on-line payments. PayPal is completely free to you as the payer. You will need to sign up for a PayPal account and you will need to get verified, a process which takes between 2 and 4 days depending on where you live, before you can make a payment of over $500. PayPal allows you to make payments to IOA by MasterCard, Visa, ACH (Auto-Check), or PayPal Balance Account.

Even though I understand that its safer to enter your credit card number online than to give your card to a waiter in a restaurant, I don't feel comfortable doing online transactions.

No problem. Send a check or money order for the full amount of your conference registration with IPADCON Registration on the memo line to:

IPADCON Registration
c/o Mike Shartiag
444 Lake Cook Road, Suite 11
Deerfield, IL 60015

I'm bringing another staff member to the conference. Can we share a room?

Yes. If you have two conference attendees, the rate per person is $485. Be sure to request two double-beds if appropriate, because most guest rooms contain a single queen-size bed.

I'd like to bring a companion along who will NOT be attending the conference. What are the extra charges?

ONE companion who is NOT attending the conference may stay in the same room as you at no charge. However, your companion will be responsible for paying for meals a la carte or they may optionally buy a meal pack which entitles them to the same meals and snacks as our attendees.

Can I bring more than one companion or my kids?

The hotel policy limits each attendee to ONE companion. If you're bringing the family, you may want to consider a second room or an off-property hotel.

Can I stay somewhere else other than the conference center to save money?

It's doubtful. The day rate is $395. We encourage all IPADers to stay at the conference center for two reasons: #1) There's a lot of good conversation and networking going on among IPADers before and after the sessions each day, and #2) Our rate at the conference center depends on the majority of our attendees staying on-property.

If you live within acceptable driving distance of the property, the day rate was designed for you. It includes everything the full package includes, except the room.

Will there be Internet access at the hotel?

There are Ethernet jacks at each of the seating places in the meeting rooms. This network is connected to the Internet through a 3 Mbps broadband link. A connection in your hotel room may be available, please make this request when you sign up if this is important.

Is there going to be an off-property special event?

No. Resounding feedback from past IPADCON years showed that most of you felt it was more important to have more time to network and talk with other IPAD owners. We'll be happy to provide you with ideas for places to go on your own, but there won't be an official group trip this year.