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12 Year Anniversary!


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IPAD Model 5000


This is our most customizable, most expandable and most powerful IPAD model based on the revolutionary IPAD-OS platform.

If you need to connect multiple Local Area Networks (LAN) or even Wide Area Networks (WAN) together or to the Internet, this is the IPAD for you. The IPAD 5000 supports up to 96 simultaneous dial-in remote access users and up to 5 high bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Hundreds of Internet Service Providers around the world depend on the IPAD 5000 to support their businesses.

The IPAD 5000 is our industrial, full-strength Internet service, connectivity and protection powerhouse. The IPAD 5000 features include:

The IPAD 5000 is the solid foundation under the Internet of your dreams.