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12 Year Anniversary!


Protection, Reliability, Speed, Power, Maturity.
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Kudos and Quotes

Since the first installation at a large Chicago ISP in 1994, the IPAD has received some very glowing reviews from people with the real-world experience to know exactly how secure, powerful and easy the IPAD is when compared to more traditional solutions.

The list of complements from government, corporate and small business IPAD users is long and continues to grow all the time.

We are confident you will feel the same when you get your own IPAD.

Since we purchased the IPAD, everything has gone smoothly. We're no longer dependent on third parties like ISPs or consultants. As our company continues to grow, we'll be able to upgrade without future investments or administrative headaches.

— Dan Conser, Audio Adventures

Information Week article about this IPAD

Bloomberg moves information that moves the market... When we needed a complete Intranet solution that was reliable and robust, yet simple to install and manage, we chose the IPAD, and it delivered.

— David Heller, Bloomberg Financial Markets

It's a workhorse. If people want reliability and ease of use, I don't know of a better option for them.

— Joe Gitchell, Pinney Associates

From box to working system took less than two hours, even with mistakes, which is quicker than any new PC I've configured lately.

— James E. Gaskin, Information Week Magazine

We've looked at the Whistle InterJet, the Team Apexx, the WinGate's and on and on. This actually isn't a contest. The IPAD is extremely easy to install, enormously powerful, and can scale right up to the point where the small business decides they'd rather be an ISP themselves than do the dry cleaning thing. The other all-in-one packages hit the wall about twelve minutes after installation, and the wheels are falling off in all directions thereafter. But the IPAD can take on new work almost ad infinitum.

— Jack Rickard, Editor, Boardwatch Magazine

It's the kind of equipment we like — it takes care of itself

— John Beck, City of Marshfield Wisconsin

There's nothing easier or less expensive than [the IPAD]. It's the only way to do it.

— Mark Johnson, Mitsubshi Motor Sales of America

We're constantly evaluating bang-for-the-buck among the various all-in-one solutions, and so far the IPAD has the lead.

— Bill Elliott, U.S. Navy

When the IPAD arrived, I literally connected it into a spare Ethernet network port, attached a few modems, applied power, and was ready for blast-off. The IPAD represents an elegant solution when you need to easily build an Internet or Intranet presence. Considering the time it saves you when getting your infrastructure in place, the price represents a good value.

— Mike Heck, Infoworld Magazine

Infoworld article about this IPAD

Please let us know your experiences with the IPAD.